Even in the Best of Homes published

1983 Even in the best of homes

Even in the Best of Homes: Violence in the Family by Jocelynne Scutt, was a ground-breaking and influential book contributing to new and heightened awareness of the problem of violence in the family.

“The family has long been seen as a haven of help, comfort, affection and goodwill, shielded from a heartless world.  But too often, it is a façade concealing violence and abuse meted out by husbands to wives, and fathers (and sometimes mothers) to children.

Her study of Australian Families revealed the beating, rape and murder of wives, the bashing and sexual molestation of children – and the apathy of friends, family, doctors, police and the courts.  In any other situation, these acts of violence would be regarded as serious crimes, but because they occur within the family, usually in the privacy of the home, people are reluctant to ‘interfere’.  Jocelynne Scutt argued that the abuse will stop only when the laws to protect people are properly enforced, when women gain public and private autonomy, and when children are regarded as human beings, not property. (Source: Even in the Best of Homes: Violence in the Family)

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