First rape crisis centre established

1972 RapeCrisisCentre Logo. Courtesy NSW Rape Crisis Service.

Sydney Rape Crisis Centre was established as a result of a two-day meeting of women in Redfern Town Hall in 1971. This meeting was held at the height of the women’s movement in Australia. A Collective was formed which set up a volunteer roster and a phone in borrowed premises in Redfern. When women rang volunteers would go to where ever they were in Sydney and bring them to the Centre for counselling and if needed medical treatment. In 1974 after lobbying by the Collective the then Whitlam Labor government provided the first funding. The Centre became NSW Rape Crisis Centre in 1991 and moved from a Collective to a hierarchy in the mid 90’s.

The Centre has always provided 24/7 telephone counselling by Centre-based counsellors. Face to face counselling was provided until about 1997. In 2005 Rape Crisis Online was established and in 2009 the centre established the Community Based Counselling Service which provides counselling to adult survivors of childhood sexual assault from seven women’s health Centres throughout NSW.

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