Ayor Makur Chuot is elected to be Australia’s first South Sudanese MP

Pictures of Ayor Makur Chuot, North Metropolitan Region MLC elect, in Girrawheen, Perth. Photo Ross Swanborough. 150321

In March 2021 Ms Chuot Ayor Makur was elected become the first South Sudanese MP in Australia and the first black African in WA Parliament. Ms Chuot arrived in WA as a 16-year-old in 2005 along with five siblings and her mum. Prior to their migration, her family spent about 10 years in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, which borders modern day South Sudan, after the death of her father during the Second Sudanese Civil War, which ran for 22 years and resulted in two million dead and four million people displaced. As the eldest daughter, Ms Chuot was culturally obliged to help her mother to take care of the family as they settled into their new home in Australia. “When I came here I couldn’t speak much English and I didn’t have an early childhood education because being a daughter of the family in South Sudan it means you have to be the one taking care of your siblings and you help your mother with a lot of things,” she said. “I was not expecting to win because I was running on a third seat in North Metro which was already held by Liberal candidate. However our Labor team did a good job to support me as we were working as a team and we eventually won,” said Ayor.

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