Nyadol Nyuon becomes the first African Australian woman to be appointed the chairperson of a national multicultural peak body in Australia

In September 2020, Melbourne lawyer, human rights advocate and former refugee Nyadol Nyuon was appointed the new chair of Australia’s migrant and refugee women’s coalition, Harmony Alliance. Born in a refugee camp in Ethiopia where her family fled to escape the Second Sudanese Civil War, Ms Nyuon came to Australia as a refugee in 2005. Arriving in Melbourne aged 18 with the dream of becoming a lawyer, she obtained her VCE and studied a Bachelor of Arts at Victoria University before being accepted into law school at Melbourne University.  Ms Nyuon now works as a lawyer in Melbourne. About three years ago she started speaking publicly on race and human rights issues, including media coverage of so-called African gangs, and more recently, COVID-19 law-breakers.

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